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Mobile has become more than just a device. It’s where we instinctively turn first when we need something—even if it’s just to pass the time. And each time we do, we’re open to new discoveries, connections, solutions.

We’re taking a closer look at where mobile behaviour is leading the world of commerce—and what that could mean for your business.

What’s been mobile’s impact?

people are different on mobile

Mobile has not only changed how we do things, it’s changed what we expect when we do things. Mobile has transformed:


We now use emojis, videos, gifs, hashtags, stickers and more.

shopping behaviour

The path to purchase now starts anywhere and goes everywhere.


We expect mobile to be expressive, immersive & immediate.

How shoppers are changing

more and more shoppers are turning to mobile first

2 in 3

online shoppers use mobile in their path to purchase.

In 2016 60%

of omni-channel shoppers say they’ll purchase more on mobile.


of all shopping journeys contain mobile.

1Path to purchase includes browsing, discovering and purchasing

2/3Source: “Omni-channel Shoppers” by GfK, US only (Facebook-commissioned online study of 2,407 people ages 18+ who have researched online and bought 1 of 5 key categories in last 3 months), Sep 2015.

What you should be doing

how to win in a mobile-first world

Mobile gives you the power to connect with the people you want and move them to take action like no other medium. Start with 3 basic rules of thumb:

be where they are

Reach people where they spend their time throughout the customer journey.

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be thumb-shopping

Drive people to buy with inspiring creative that spurs action.

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measure across the funnel

Measure your true business value across the consumer journey.

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The tools you have to do it

get smart on mobile

Facebook and Instagram give you powerful ways to drive action and shape purchase decisions throughout the journey. Find out how to:

acquire leads quickly

Facebook lead ads make it easy for potential customers to say yes.

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promote relevant products

Facebook dynamic ads display the right products to the right people.

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get more from your ads

Learn best practices to unlock potential on Facebook and Instagram.

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get started now

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Today’s mobile shoppers move fast. These resources will help you stay ahead.

Boost your knowledge and learn all you need to know about Facebook and Instagram.

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